5 Reasons Why Zcash Will Be Coinbase's Latest Addition

What coin is Coinbase set to add next? Five factors point toward Zcash.


1) Privacy 

Privacy is a big thing in the crypto community, and some may claim privacy is one of the main reasons why cryptocurrencies were created in the first place.  With Monero like properties, ZCash is the equivalent of 100 people each putting a dollar bill into a hat before washing them and redistributing them throughout the group with each individual getting back a different bill they started with. This is how Zcash keeps each transaction as private as possible 


2) Accumulation Phase

With another Bull run behind us, and the market looking bottomed out,  The accumulation phase begins! Coinbase knows this. Once sitting at a pinnacle amount of over 4000 each, ZCash is one of the few cryptocurrencies to hold such a high value for an individual coin. With a price of around $130 USD as of writing this, the private fungible coin has to see an extreme rate of growth to capture the past ATH of the once-booming ZCash 


3) Sapling Network Hard Fork

The recent hard fork that occurs on block 419,200 was a much-anticipated upgrade to the system to help with speed and security. With an estimated 90% faster transaction speed, the network will be able to handle quite the abundance of private TXs to help with the overall adoption and development of the crypto community 

4) Market Capitalization 

coming in at number #19 on CoinMarketCap.com ZCash has plenty of room for growth, but also proves it can hang with the big dogs up in the top 20. Coinbase notices this potential and would love to be a reason to push it back into the top 15 or maybe even 10 with the proper marketing and as long as Sapling lives up to all the Hype behind the network hard fork. ZCash was once a high-value coin with a single ZEC priced at over $4000 USD making this cryptocurrency no stranger to pushing the limits of Market Capitalization 

5) Truth vs Speculation 

With an overwhelming amount of speculation throughout the crypto community, and ICO scams scaring of large amounts of new investors, it’s sometimes hard to decipher fact from fiction. Well this next statement I’m about to state is all truth. Coinbase will be adding Zcash whether it’s today, tomorrow or next month. A few months back CEO of Coinbase Brian Armstrong started the following coins would be added in no specific order. ADA (Cardano) XLM (Stellar Lumens) BAT (Basic Attention Token) ZRX (0x) and ZEC (Zcash) With BAT and ZRX already being added in the past weeks, that leaves just 3 coins left that will definitely be added to Coinbase. Question is which one will be next and will you be holding a bag when it does!