Are tangible goods the best medium of exchange

Long ago, before the word money was invented, people needed a means of exchanging their goods. At first it was chicken for some corn, or a cow for some wheat. As we grew in population as well as economically, they needed a better means of a store of value between trading their goods. At first it was precious metals. Though heavy, they did not tarnish and was hard to alter. This became the biggest means of trade over the next hundreds of years. Over some time the paper fiat came into existence. Backed by the trust of the person who initiated the note. This got confusing since different high ranking officials at the time all though their fiat was the most important and backed means of exchange. Then came the gold standard. The United States, the most powerful and respected country in the world was to have a fiat paper bill backed by gold bullion in a reserve somewhere that nobody ever had access to. This didn’t make much of a difference because at some point President Nixon declares that the dollar will no longer be backed by gold, or anything other then the word of the government that you can trust them that this piece of paper is worth something. But every year this dollar inflated and the country that backs it is trillions of those dollars in debt to other countries. Then comes the digital era of money. An easy way of medium of exchange. No need to worry about trust, tarnish, or terrible inflation. Though the digital medium exchange has been met with much volatility, it’s still in its infancy. A financial revolution is a slow process. But as more and more people like you reading this help with the adoption of crypto, it very well could be the final means of a medium of exchange