Axioms: The Future of Air Drops

The castle project is connecting developers with users with Axioms, an automated Smart Contracts-based token distribution platform. Airdrops are an efficient tool for building a community. Everybody likes free stuff, right? Giving out a coin or token directly to users for free increases the amount of active users on the network by creating awareness and excitement. For example Hydro completed an air drop February 16th, distributing 2,500,000,000 coins raised a community of over 25,000 users in a few days.

Utilizing social media’s capacity to reach the masses, Axioms is the perfect tool for Token distribution, benefitting both ecosystems. A community that is eager to earn free tokens which don’t hold any current value, is also very likely promote to token out of hopes to create future value and is incentivized and often eager to promote the token. As such, airdroppers want their digital assets to have a price tag in the future and will therefore promote the token sale in hopes for its success. The synergy of social media and Axioms combine to form community growth on both ends bringing more new users into Axioms and its available projects.

Axioms reduces friction for the entire crypto sphere. Offering a platform which seamlessly connects developers with those eagers to earn and contribute to project awareness. Now new members of the community aiming to leverage their social media to receive tokens become vital tools in growth, furthering community significance.


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