Binance and Its Powerhouse: CZ

The man, the myth, the legend. No, not Bigfoot, but the almighty Changpeng Zhao. Or you may know him as CZ: The CEO and backbone of Binance, based in the island country of Malta. The powerhouse that drives the company is a very busy man. Active on Twitter and other social media platforms, he somehow finds time to balance a very busy schedule, while constantly improving and pushing his pride and joy company forward. In less then 2 years time he has launched his high security exchange up into the top ranks of volume and liquidity. Always upgrading his platform adding more level of security features to his steady bulletproof platform. Keep your funds safe, or in his words #SAFU. If you were lucky enough to get in during ICO time you could have walked away up over 100X at this point and time. And In a bear market like we have endured the past 14 months, that is an epic percentage to be reporting at this time. With his new launch pad platform, new companies can launch their own ICO and traders can use Binance's one and only $BNB to participate in the first round of funding for that company. First up was the [so far] very successful BitTorrent $BTT, followed up by the upcoming FETCH. Though the newest, and probably most exciting thing to be coming from the Binance team is their Decentralized Exchange, Dexathon. The launch of this new platform will be up and running for testing within 24 hours of writing this, and I, myself, am extremely excited about getting on this platform. We are still in the very early stages of this cryptocurrency financial revolution, and if you are reading this then you are at the forefront of the uphill battle in which we are not fighting. Stay educated, question the system we have in place, and do your part to help leave our mark in history forever to change our financial system for the better, for the people.