Bitcoin Green: The Clean Bitcoin

As the Bitcoin network grows as does it's electrical thirst. Requiring more and more power to run and secure the network. The Bitcoin network now consumes more energy than 82% of countries on earth. At the current rate, miners will double the earth's electrical consumption by 2020! Bitcoin Green offers powerful solutions to Bitcoins scalability and sustainability issues, the Green Protocol.

The Green Protocol is a revolutionary new consensus mechanism; combining Proof-of-Stake, masternode mining, fixed block rewards, and fair distribution of coins. Proof of stake and masternode mining offers many strategic advantages over the traditional Proof-of-work mining. Proof-of-Stake and masternode mining reduce network energy consumption and allow for seamless scalability. 

Another advantage The Green Protocol possesses is who the block rewards are distributed too. In PoS mining the block rewards are proportionately distributed to coin holders based on the number of coins one is holding. This key feature keeps inflation flowing to coin holders, not 3rd party miners. There is no longer a distinction between miners and everyday users. 

Proof-of-Stake also creates a fair distribution of coins. Miners can no longer control the speed, efficiency, and stability of the network; Keeping the economic incentives of all users aligned. Proof-of-Stake works because it requires users to own a very large amount of currency in order to pose a threat to the network.

Bitcoin Green's revolutionary Green Protocol is leading the charge into sustainable cryptocurrency. Proof-of-Stake and masternode mining are revolutionary tools that can save the planet and make you money!