Buy Bitcoin on Coinbase with Zero Fees

                            Buying Bitcoin with Zero Fees

First, head over to and register for an account. Enter in all your details and add a bank account (not credit/debit).

There might be an option to add the bank account when you create the account, if not follow these steps

Go to settings. Then to linked accounts. Then click link new account. Sign in using your bank account info and it will automatically link it.

Next, head over to Coinbase Pro ( The reason for this separate site is to negate all fees that Coinbase imposes. It is some ridiculous percentage. Make an account at this website when you are signed into Coinbase in a different tab. It should automatically link your accounts together.

Now for the actual buying of the bitcoin. Go to regular Coinbase and click on accounts. You will see a USD Wallet option. Click deposit then choose your bank account and the amount of money you wish to deposit. Once you click deposit it will take around 3 business days to clear. You will know it has cleared by following these steps.

Go to accounts. Go to USD wallet and click withdraw. It will show the amount available funds to transfer and the amount that is waiting to clear. Once you see all your money available to transfer you know it has cleared.

Do not transfer this money on Coinbase, however. Go to the Coinbase Pro account we made earlier. Go to trade


After you select trade, click the deposit button on the left-hand side and a box will pop up directing you to select your currency. Select USD. After that is selected this picture will appear. Choose Coinbase Wallet (Tab in the middle).


After that is selected enter the amount of money you wish to transfer from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro and hit deposit USD. You should receive the funds right away. Now it is time to buy the bitcoin with your funded USD.

On the same sidebar that you see deposit and withdraw you will see buy/sell. Select buy then select limit. Limit is very important and is how you get around the bitcoin fees. You are now setting a buy order at a price you specify


Enter the limit price as the green. You need to set a limit price that is below the current price. For example, I would use a limit price of 3981 if BTC is currently at 3982. You need to set a lower price so you are the “maker”. It will get filled with the fluctuating price of bitcoin. You might need to cancel and retry a couple times until the order gets filled. Sometimes I watch the price go up and down until I see the price falling. You can then set your lower maker price, 3981, and as bitcoin price decreases it will get filled. These numbers are constantly changing and it doesn’t have to be exact you just want to buy at a price where you are a maker.

Alter the number of bitcoin, in the amount box, to whatever gets you closest to your desired amount of $. There will be a price indicator, below advanced, in the side tab, to tell you how much USD worth of BTC you are receiving.

To send coins over, stay on Coinbase Pro and go to my wallet (right-hand side at the top). Under wallet overview (left sidebar) choose BTC and scroll down in that sidebar and select withdraw. Then select the amount you wish to send it to your bitcoin wallet.