Castle: 2019's Strong Hodl

Castle will help build your kingdom in 2019! Castle, a PoS masternode coin, is creating a decentralized ecosystem that benefits the entire cryptosphere. Inside of Castle's decentralized ecosystem are projects that will only be accessible by holding Castle! These projects and services have real inherent value and real-world use cases. Axioms is an automated mutualistic decentralized airdrop platform that makes airdrops simple, efficient, cheap, and above all, trustless. Airdrops are carried out by multi-token distribution smart-contracts. Axioms automation tracks the airdrops tasks, only releasing tokens after all tasks are completed and another user has joined Axioms using a unique referral code. The referral system guarantees growth for both the developers and the Axioms Platform. Axioms, deriving value from its community, connects project developers with an eager crypto savvy community. Axioms offer developers the best way to connect with the users that will drive the market forward and push their product beyond mainstream adoption. Currently, two airdrops are live on Axioms, Playkey Token and Receiptchain! Crypto Incubator is another service provided by the Castle project. Crypto Incubator, for a limited time, will help you launch your very own blockchain and start your project for free! Castle is committed to exploring ideas and developing the market. Crypto Incubator aims to be the birthplace of future technological innovation and blockchain empowerment. Castle, an extremely promising microcap, can be the center of attention in 2019. A strong market cap, healthy volume, and promising platforms make Castle a great microcap going into 2019. Castle is very actively traded with 24-hour volume consistently above 10,000 USD and a 200k market cap. Castle has both a strong project and a strong community. A masternode requires 40,000 Castle and 123 are already online! That means almost 5,000,000 of the 11,885,000 total coin supply are locked away off the market! Running a Castle masternode can be extremely profitable in 2019 with an annual ROI of 90% in current market conditions. Castle is available on both Crypto Bridge and Crex 24.