Financial distress

A Financial revolution is among us.  And by the looks of it, big banks know it’s happening beneath their feet. Big banks like Bank of America and Goldman Sachs are some of the first banks and institutions to hop on board with the crypto world and their blockchain solutions. Asset manger Fidelity also recently launched their own crypto custody, where customers can diversify some of there 7 trillion dollars in investments! Yes you heard correctly, 7 trillion dollars. The  crypto currency market cap as a whole is just over 200 billion as of right now. It once soared above $800 billion 4 times where it sits today. But when you think about it compared to a single company like Apple, which is worth $1 trillion on its own, there’s a lot of room for this market to grow. With the super influx of new customers and a wave of money that quickly entered then exited, its know wonder new and old crypto enthusiasts are both afraid to dip their feet back in. Just remember even though there was so much hype, speculation, and extravaganza around bitcoin last year but still less then 3% of people in the world know what bitcoin or crypto currencies are. And even less use them. So remember, if you are reading this article, you and I are both still early adopters. Back to blockchain. What is it? How does it benefit me? Can it be hacked? These are just some of the questions I get asked by nocoiners (a nocoiner is someone who does not use or have crypto)  A blockchain is a public distributed ledger  that is stored across multiple knows all around the world ran by volunteers who ran the network. These volunteers are paid out for each hash and block finished. These trusted network nodes are run voluntarily but  when you are rewarded with bicoin and that is worth over $6000 each, it makes it all worth it. Final thoughts on the subject. This fourth Industrial/Finacial Revolution is happening. Question is which side of the fence are you going to be on when the real regulations come cracking down