Global Token Takeover


Global Token, the crypto market’s little-known underdog is poised to make an earth shattering come back. Upon release Global Token, a SHA256 payment coin, lacking all the bells and whistles started off provably fair, much like RavenCoin, without a premine, ICO, funding, and completely ran by volunteers.


Despite the lack of a real competitive edge in the market, Global Token hit the ground running soaring to almost 1400 sat on 2017-06-23. However, Global Token couldn’t hold onto her gains and quickly dropped to 24 sat on 2017-09-08. During 2018’s early Bull Run, Global Token reached 600 sat however again she, just like the rest of the crypto market, could not hold onto her gains slowly slipping down to 25 sat 2018-11-10.


            Unwilling to quit the Global Token team is fighting back hard! As of October 1st, 2018, Global Token completely changed its identity. Metamorphosizing into an industry leading Mega Multi Algo Proof of Work coin; Complete with Multishield pool protection. With 30 working algorithms, Multisheild pool protection, masternodes, and instant send Global Token now has both the substance and the bells and whistle to take the industry back by storm.


Between October 11th and November 11th an additional 51 masternodes have gone online increasing the total amount on the network from 63-114. Not only has Global Token progressed technologically but so has its marketing network. Global Token is increasing its market visibility by partnering with industry leaders like Masternodes.Pro and acknowledging the power of social media.