Latest Hardforks

So it's finally time for Justin Sun's Tron to do a hardfork. The date is set to be the 28th of February 2019. Will there be any coins for Tron holders and what does it mean for the future of Tron?

Tron is easily one of the most popular cryptocurrencies amongst the z generation. With a platform that allows creation of dapps, a user-friendly interface and charismatic leadership Tron has risen from nothing since it's start in to become the tenth largest cryptocurrency in net worth. The user statistics show that Tron is becoming increasingly popular and more people are invested not only on short term but also for the longer scope. The hardfork of Tron will be a network upgrade called Oddysey 3.5 upgrade with added features like multi sign to the network. However no free coins will be distributed since it is not a split of the chain.aybe the term upgrade would be more satiafiyng rather than harsfork sich in recent cases has resulted in two separate chains with different coins. So what to expect after the hardfork? Depending on the success of the upgrade it is possible to see a pricegain although the cryptocurrency market in general is in a bear swing for the moment. Not knowing if its a real hardfork with extra coins involved or only a network upgrade where the blockchain is upgraded, since it works as a peer2peer network all users will have their respective blockchain node upgraded we might see a price gain or retraction within 2 weeks of the upgrade and major gains or slumps after about 2-4 months when the upgrade has been tested and validated by the network. Anyhow the issue still remains around scalability when it comes to most blockchain and along with that accesability and security.

Also Bitcoin Cash Hardforked recently and splitted the chain into two chains. Thus Bitcoin Cash holders got coins in the new chain as a result.

Roger Ver, the creator of Bitcoins Cash, is a rigid Twitter user and withholds that Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin. Not all agree to this statement, although this has not affected the price on the contrary it has gained thanks to this publicity. Craig Wright, the selfproclamed Satoshi Nakamoto is the lead of the Bitcoin ABC camp that organized this fork. The Intruiging discussions of what is and whats not is still followed enthusiastically by thousands of blockchain users. Although they main theme of Bitcoin is decentralization from any type of entity. It is clear that blockchain has become more of a organisational managed community that mostly resembles a corporate business than true p2p exchanging of value through a neutral medium. Satoshis vision might very well be long forgotten in a few years.

Ethereums recent hardfork is called Constantinople and marks the start of Serenity for the Ethereum developement team and the final phase in Ethereums milestone developement. No free coins will be distributed to this fork and as a result Ethereum would using a proof-of-stake system rather than proof-of-work. The completion of Serenity is still a way to go so as for now the ethereum chain is in a state of metropolis were it is rolled out to the public.