Po.et Protocol - What is it and how can it benefit me?

Po.et stands for Proof of Existence 2.0. It is the first non-financial application of proof of existence (PoE) on the Bitcoin blockchain. The idea of PoE is to verify the existence of files which can be timestamped. Imagine being able to publish, timestamp, and sign your digital information in a couple minutes for little to no money. After publishing, this content is universally accessible to any person on earth with an internet connection. This is just one of the applications the Po.et Project intends to address. Other applications consist of ideas such as putting together your own specific search engines by picking trusted curators that have high-quality content.

Po.et has moved to the main net on November 27, 2018. This means it is a utility that all can use. It is simple to make a claim. All one has to do is make an account and follow the instructions on this website- https://docs.poetnetwork.net/use-poet/getting-started.html. The code provided is only for bash (Linux/OSX) so you cannot create a claim with PowerShell (Windows) if you have no coding history. However, for Mac and Linux it is very simple and straightforward. The directions also have an option to integrate the Po.et protocol into WordPress. This requires no coding and instantly adds your content to the network. If you use WordPress it is highly suggested you use the Po.et plugin. Your content will be timestamped and signed, on blockchain to ensure the reputation and ownership of your hard work. You will also get a cool little feather image!